No Corruption – social brand

The products of the “No Corruption” brand demonstrate the high level and elegance of objects produced by the most discriminated people, if they are given – for a short period of time – equal opportunities with middle class people.
No Corruption is conceived as an international brand, producing functional objects mainly based on enviromental-friendly wicker technique and promoting the necessity of society to change.
The first location of our project was Szendrőlád, a small Romani village in eastern Hungary in the forest of the Borsod mountains. In Hungary, about 600,000 people belong to the Roma minority. Most of them live in deep poverty in small villages in eastern and southern Hungary, and one of their traditional handcrafts is wicker. One of the traditional crafts of the village Szendrőlád is a special wicker technique and unique techniques of  wood chip braiding, called szilács.
Roza El-Hassan 2011 Budapest
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  • Néprajzi Múzeum – Muzeum of Ethnology, Budapest – Museums’ Shop / 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 12

El-Hassan Róza drawings for laptopbags  2009 and first laptopbag:
video: Róza El-Hassan and Salam Haddad